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Lunarpages Web Hosting Increases Storage to 350-GB

Lunarpages web hosting provider: Now offers (a remarkable) 350-GB storage spaceBack when I first launched Radified (summer of 2000), I purchased a web-hosting account that provided 350-MB storage space .. for $32/month (less discount, if you paid a year in advance).

Last year I moved the site to a new host > Lunarpages. The new Radified server is physically located downtown Los Angeles (where you'll find the nation's most polluted air).

Today, I received a note from the girls at Lunarpages, saying they raised the amount of disk storage for clients enrolled in their Basic hosting plan .. to (an incredible) 350-GB (still $6.95/month).

As you can see, the number 350 remains the same, yet now it's followed by GB, instead of MB (1,000 X more space for ¼ the co$t). The times, they are a-changin'.

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I don't understand why hosting-providers need to offer such large storage capacities. I mean, Radified uses a lot of space, compared to the average site, and we use less than 3 gigs. So 350 is 100 X more than we need. It's overkill.

I think it's a marketing ploy. Folks compare host-A with host-B and notice host-B offers more storage, so they go with host-B, even tho they'll never use anywhere near the capacity allotted (which the host must know).

I could back-up the contents of my entire 80-GB (laptop) hard drive .. to my web server, and *still* have over 250 gigs available.

I used to worry about exceeding storage limits on my old server (severe penaltie$). Not any more. Seven years from now, do you think I'll receive a note saying my storage limits have been increased to 350-TB?

For more along these lines here's a Google search preconfigured for the query > web hosting provider storage


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I had to check my cpanel to see if I also got the storage increase.

I never got that email stating the increase though. I'll have to check and see where my admin contact email is sent to.

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