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May 1, 2007

Lunarpages Web Hosting Increases Storage to 350-GB

Lunarpages web hosting provider: Now offers (a remarkable) 350-GB storage spaceBack when I first launched Radified (summer of 2000), I purchased a web-hosting account that provided 350-MB storage space .. for $32/month (less discount, if you paid a year in advance).

Last year I moved the site to a new host > Lunarpages. The new Radified server is physically located downtown Los Angeles (where you'll find the nation's most polluted air).

Today, I received a note from the girls at Lunarpages, saying they raised the amount of disk storage for clients enrolled in their Basic hosting plan .. to (an incredible) 350-GB (still $6.95/month).

As you can see, the number 350 remains the same, yet now it's followed by GB, instead of MB (1,000 X more space for ¼ the co$t). The times, they are a-changin'.

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May 2, 2007

Dell Computer Selects Ubuntu for its PCs Pre-installed with Linux

World's 2nd largest PC manufacturer, Dell computer, will offer its PCs (both desktops & laptops) to consumers with the Linux operating system pre-installed.

They've partnered with (London-based) Canonical (founded by South African Mark Shuttleworth) to offer the Ubuntu distro.

If you were here last year, you might recall our resident Linux guru, Mr. Magoo, migrated to a Linux-only system (not a dual-boot, Windows/Linux configuration, like most people do), using Ubuntu.

At DistroWatch, Ubuntu is ranked #1, .. out of 100+ Linux distros. Version 7.04 is know as Fiesty Fawn.

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May 3, 2007

New Domain Name: hardnuf.com (Adventures in Fatherhood)

FATHERHOOD: It's Hard Enough

Recall a few days ago? When I mentioned the idea of getting another domain name, so I could split-out site content related to my adventures as Rad-Dad?

Actually, that post was sort of hijacked by the subsequent comparison of Drupal vs Joomla (two of the best open source Content Management Systems).

I've since been pondering various domain names, such as rad-dad.com (which is already taken, tho I could buy it for a price) and radfather.com (which is available). But none felt right.

Until today, at Newport Dunes beach park, where I was playing Rad-dad with the bug. (Gorgeous day, btw.)

Found myself visualizing what the new site might look like .. beginning with a simple title & logline, such as > FATHERHOOD: Harder Than it Looks .. or .. FATHERHOOD: It's Hard Enough .. in place of where I currently have RADIFIED: Indulge Your Technolust.

Then I thought, "That's it! > HardNuf." In other words, it's hard enough to raise children, without parents bickering. And it's hard enough for kids to grow up in two different homes, without undue tension between parents.

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May 5, 2007

Cinco de Mayo 2007 (Laguna Beach)

Cinco de Mayo 2007 (Laguna Beach)Last week, I mentioned having a dream, in which (presidential candidate) Barack Obama was assassinated. This week I read he was placed under Secret Service protection.

Last week I documented my findings from a comparison I did of the two best open source Content Management Systems (Joomla vs Drupal), where I determined Joomla 1.5 represented the best approach (for me), yet was slooow in coming.

This week I heard Joomla 1.5-beta2 was released, the first such release from Joomla in nearly 7 months.

I doubt my entries had anything to do with these developments, but my ego (battered, but not broken) insists, "We know better." (Gotta admit, the timing is uncanny.)

Today is my favorite party of the year > Teri & Alan's annual Cinco de Mayo party. Good food, good people, great location (right on the beach in Laguna). I'm here now .. connected to their wireless network.

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May 6, 2007

Comparing Drupal vs Joomla Content Management Systems - Part II

Drupal Open Source Content Management System (CMS)This entry is continued from Part I > Comparing Joomla vs Drupal Content Management Systems - Part I

You can actually TEST various CMS'es at > OpenSourceCMS, log in (as administrator) and take them for a test drive. Every two hours, the site wipes your changes and starts everything over from scratch. Pretty cool. You can also demo Joomla! here.


Joomla! books here and here. Drupal books here. Most popular (best?) Drupal book is this one, which seems marketed specifically to developers. Not sure how applicable it is for ordinary users (if there is such a thing). Best to buy from here, helps support Drupal.

If you need to get a good-looking site up in a hurry, so you can focus on generating *content*, then it seems Joomla is the best choice. There are more than 100 different CMS programs available, tho not are all open source or free. See CMS Matrix for more.

Style & Marketing

Joomla is the phonetic spelling of the Swahili word jumla, meaning "all together." I must admit, they win in the COOL category, over drab (but powerful, flexible) Drupal. And you know how I dig cool. I know it shouldn't matter, but their colorful black logo is almost enough to win me over.

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May 7, 2007

Further Research of CMS Programs Suggests Drupal Better Option

WAMP5 Web server for Windows, including Apache, MySQL & PHPBeen learning more about Drupal, Joomla and Content Management Systems in general (CMS).

Also been updating the comparison I documented last week (as I continue to learn more) > Comparing Joomla vs Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS).

In fact, that entry has become big enough (more than 4K words) that I've considered busting it into two sections (e.g. Part I, Part II). Uh, update > done.

I seem to be coming full circle. Began research with notion Drupal represented best option. During initial research, I came to feel Joomla 1.5 would be a better choice (for me).

Now, after considerable research, and feeling comfortable that I understand the relative strengths & weaknesses of each platform, I'm again leaning toward Drupal. (Dizzy yet?)

The main thing that changed my mind was a subtle theme I kept noticing, which goes something like this:

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May 8, 2007

Installing Drupal 5.1 Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal Open Source Content Management System v5.1Stayed up late ('til 1AM) and installed Drupal last night. (Eyes are burning.) The word installation is deceptive, cuz Drupal really installs itself.

Simply upload the files to your server, point your browser to the directory where you uploaded Drupal (in this case, to newly created subdomain > http://cms.radified.com), and a screen pops up, asking for 3 bits of information:

  1. Name of your MySQL database
  2. User name for your MySQL database
  3. Password for the MySQL user

Enter the data Drupal wants, click the Install button and Drupal installs itself. Too cool. Downright elegant.

Gives you a screen that says > Drupal installation complete. I'm thinking, "You gotta be kidding. Can't be *that* easy."

Next screen looks like this > Welcome to your new Drupal website!

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May 9, 2007

Moving Site to New Upgraded Web Server

The site move to a new, updated server (mentioned yesterday) involves a new name server (they say), which means the site might (not sure yet, I asked) be unavailable for a period of time following the move.

Okay, they said the new name server *will* need to propagate, which means the site will be unavailable for 24-72 hours, depending on > this stuff. (The Rad server is physically located downtown Los Angeles.)

I'm making a *second* full-site back-up right now. =) The back-up (compressed *.tar.gz) is exactly 999 MB. (You can see why I'm researching content management systems.) It's downloading at ~300KBps. Takes ~ an hour.

They also said my dedicated IP address will change. Not sure why it can't stay the same (since my hosting provider isn't changing).

Received note from Lunarpages (my host) support, which I'd file under: Example of Good Support. See here>

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May 13, 2007

Site Move to New Upgraded Web Server Complete

The new Rad server is a Dell PowerEdge 2650Test of the new Rad server. If you can read this, you're getting the *new* server. Could be my imagination, but this one feels a little zippier. No?

I made some dumb mistakes, such as misreading the new name server, which is now ns1.lunarservers.com .. as ns1.lunarpages.com.

The old name server was ns6.lunarPAGES.com. I saw the ns1 and (foolishly) ignored the rest (.lunarservers.com), assuming the number 6 merely needed to be changed to a 1.

Didn't figure that out until 8PM last night. The site was moved 24 hours earlier (8PM Friday). There's something to be said for the (foolproof) copy-n-paste method.

Then I couldn't connect to the (new, beautiful, fast, upgraded) server via FTP. I've use a dedicated IP address since I've had the site (last 7 years).

But the new IP addy won't be available for 5 days (they tell me). Until then, I use the domain name to connect (like most people connect to their servers).

I'm embarrassed to say I entered http://radified.com into my FTP client, when only radified.com should've been entered (hangs head in shame).

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May 14, 2007

Proficiency with Software & Setting Root Password for MySQL Database in phpMyAdmin under WAMP5

The coolest programs seem to have the steepest learning curves .. like Half Dome & El Capitan, which are both pretty steep

A big part of Indulging Your Technolust involves learning how to use cool software. Once your hardware is dialed in, and your system backed up (crucial step), it's time to become proficient with your favorite programs.

You've probably discovered (as I have) the coolest programs are often (not always) the most powerful. And the most powerful programs often involve the steepest learning curves.

Take Photoshop for example. Way cool. Way powerful. Lots to learn. Seems like I'm always calling Julie to ask how to do something in Photoshop.

This is cuz more power involves more features. More features come with more options, and more options lead to complexity. (You know the drill.)

Regulars will recall my recent forays into the (very cool) world of Content Management Systems, and how I've been playing with Drupal (one of the coolest). [My installation of Drupal 5.1 is > HERE.]

In fact, I moved the site recently (never much fun) to a new server in order to get MySQL 5.x, which is required for Drupal 6 (still in development). So I'm still on the steeper slopes of the content management curve, but starting to find traction.

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May 18, 2007

Learning Dad Tricks & all about Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Been playing Rad dad last few days. The bug is getting to that age where he knows what he wants (and what he doesn't want). No longer can I just grab him and do what I want. Now he must be dealt with.

He slept over last night. In the evening, while we watched Ice Age (1st one) out in the rec room, he insisted on removing his shirt.

It wasn't cold, but not warm enough to play Tarzan. Yet he was adamant about not wanting to wear one.

So I'm trying to figure out how to get him dressed. And I remembered a trick I saw his mom do .. the ol' trade > "If you want this, you gotta do that."

Ice Age ended and he wanted me to put in Polar Express (excellent flick, btw). So I said, "Okay, if you want me to put on polar express, you first have to put on your shirt."

Dude, it totally worked! Real slickly, too. Not one bit of grumbling. I was so pleased with myself .. outwitting a 2-year-old . =)

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May 22, 2007

Rad-mobile Won't Start Wet | Changing Spark Plugs on a Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera (rear engine) Last week, I parked the Rad-mobile (aka Porsche-bago) beneath a tree that's flowering profusely (with blue flowers) & dripping sap.

So I decided to hose it off before the sap dried and flowers left stains.

Unfortunately I sprayed too much water on the engine (which sits in the rear, on a 911, with vents open to the engine compartment for the A/C cooler).

It wouldn't start. This has been a common problem, probably cuz my spark-plug wires need replacing, but I don't want to spend $300 for a new set of plug wires.

I have driven thru big puddles before and had the car die instantly.

Anyway, my usual trick of yanking the distributor cap and wiping the moisture inside didn't work (normally does). I must've soaked more electrical stuff that I'd thought. (Yeah, I was in a hurry, spraying like crazy.)

I could smell gas when I cranked it, meaning the plugs were probably soaked (not gonna fire). Then the battery started dying.

So I slapped on the battery charger, but the car still refused to start. (Major sukage.)

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May 25, 2007

Rodeo Dad Snatches Streaking Toddler Mid-Stride with Impressive One-Armed Grab

Rodeo cowboy demonstrates proper calf-roping techniquePlayed dad last few days. After lunch today (at a taco joint in Corona del Mar), we stopped by Begonia park.

After playing a while, I carried the bug up to the car. There I laid him on a mat (on the grass) so I could change his diaper.

After wiping clean his little butt, I stood to retrieve a tube of butt-cream from the glove compartment and, when I turned...

... saw he'd bolted down the hill, giggling, running butt-naked, fast as his little feet could carry him .. which is pretty fast (downhill), considering he wore no diaper or pants to impede progress.

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May 31, 2007

Problems with New Server or Associated Network

Picture of Rad freaking out when he sees his site down

As you might've noticed, we've been having problems with the new server, or its associated network.

The site was moved to a new server on May 11th. On May 22nd, we started experiencing problems with laggy page-loading times and (more recently) complete site outages, as described in this thread > New server response time pauses.

The problem seems to keep getting worse. At first it was confined only to laggy responses for relatively short periods, of a few minutes, increasing up to an hour at times.

Then complete site outages began, at first for short periods, now (including this morning) they last up to an hour.

I just got off the horn with a supervisor at Lunarpages (my web host), and he suggested I request LP move the site (again) to a new server, saying, "That's what I would do."

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