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Problems with New Server or Associated Network

Picture of Rad freaking out when he sees his site down

As you might've noticed, we've been having problems with the new server, or its associated network.

The site was moved to a new server on May 11th. On May 22nd, we started experiencing problems with laggy page-loading times and (more recently) complete site outages, as described in this thread > New server response time pauses.

The problem seems to keep getting worse. At first it was confined only to laggy responses for relatively short periods, of a few minutes, increasing up to an hour at times.

Then complete site outages began, at first for short periods, now (including this morning) they last up to an hour.

I just got off the horn with a supervisor at Lunarpages (my web host), and he suggested I request LP move the site (again) to a new server, saying, "That's what I would do."

••••• today's entry continues below •••••

Seems this entry disappeared following the site-move to new server, as if the transferred *before* I made the entry. Think I created this entry before I requested the site move.

Anyway, no big deal. I can probably regenate from the *old* server.

Update > Oh yeah, I am good. Here is the remainder of today's entry, scavenged from the old server (which retains all the original files for 5 days):

The thing is I have no info upon which to make a decision. I don't know if LP has identified the source of the problem, or if they're even working on it .. cuz I've not heard back from the people (supposedly) working on the issue.

So I'm getting desperate. It suks big-time to have the site down. You cannot imagine how distressing it is for me to see the site unavailable, after all the hard work I've put into it.

So I really have no other option (than requesting the site be moved to a new server). Note > on May 25th, the issue was "escalated" .. altho I'm not exactly sure what this means, except, probably, smarter people are looking into it.

I mean, a week is a long time to continue experiencing problems (that seem to be getting worse).

I think the problem is with Apache (web server), cuz I'm always able to access both email & FTP, and pings/traceroutes look good, even when the site is otherwise unavailable.

Indeed, this was the problem today when I called ~ an hour ago. But I shouldn't have to call (my web host) and wait on hold for 30 minutes to tell them Apache is down. They should be on that.

The worst part is that there's really nothing I can do .. 'cept call Lunarpages support and keep hitting the Refresh button (hoping the site comes back). I hate that feeling of helplessness.

Also, I was surprised to learn the new server is physically located in Las Vegas (not Los Angeles, where the previous server was located).

So I also requested a server physically located in Los Angeles, since I've had good luck with the (previous) server located there. Will keep ya posted.

Moving the site back to a server physically located in Los Angeles, will again, require new name server, so the site will be unavailable for some period of time, altho experience from the previous site-move suggests this (site unavailability) seems to be less than a day.

BTW - Today's (compressed *.tar.gz) back-up file, which includes everything in the site .. was *exactly* 1,000 MB (1 gig).


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