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Obama Wins Iowa Caucus

Obama won the Iowa caucus .. by a surprising margin. Can't help but recall the dream I had.

ObamaKinda weird .. if you consider *when* I had that dream (more than a year ago) .. and what was going on, politically, at the time. I mean, Obama was barely in the picture. He hadn't even announced his candidacy (which was still months away). And now I read he's favored (9-to-1) to win the New Hampshire primary (this Tuesday).

Obviously, the more viable he becomes (and he just became very viable), the more likely someone would be to "intercept" that viability. On this subject I read (end of 7th paragraph):

Reflecting Obama's new-found eminence, security around him has been stepped up.

Obama has Secret Service protection, but whenever you push for change, especially when that change affects the powers-that-be .. it's not unreasonable for those in power to .. uh, resist. Especially when much is at $take. And being black, it would be easy to pawn off as the work of a racist.

Speaking of the New Hampshire primary, let me interject an observation. I lived in Maine .. ~ an hour from the NH border .. for 4 months (summer), and got to know the people there (many from New Hampshire).

The most prominent thing I remember about these people .. is how hard they work. I mean, they have the strongest work ethic you'll find anywhere.

Having lived & worked in many different states over the years (such as Hawaii, Maine, Florida, New York, Illinois, Idaho, Connecticut, Washington, Pennsylvania, and now Kalifornia), has given me an idea of the differences that exist around our country.

For example, the nicest ppl? » Oregon. Sweetest girls? » South Carolina & Tennessee. Funniest sense of humor » Massachusetts. Hardest working » Maine & New Hampshire. Biggest jerks? » (I should write a book.)

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » barack obama assassination


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