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The Bug Turns 3 Years Old

The first three years (they say) are "most important" .. developmentally. The Bug will be 3 this week. (Can you believe it?)

Lightning McQueen

I feel good about his development, especially considering the challenges we've faced. So I won't say it's been easy. But he's pretty cool. (Big fan of Lightning McQueen.)

While picking him up last week, he said (while sitting in his mom's lap, as she tied his shoes), "I'm so glad I got you, dada." That stuff makes me melt.

He's entered the "Why?" phase. Everything is, "Why?" Of course, not all answers are easy to explain. But I try my best.

Along these lines, a friend recently told me, "'Because I said so,' .. is *never* an acceptable response." (Advice *my* parents obviously never heard.)

Sometimes I tell him, "I don't know." To which he asks, "Why don't you know?" =)

Sometimes I even say, "You're still small, and you probably won't understand .. but this is how it works..." Then I proceed to explain things .. in terms he can understand, cuz kids understand more than we give them credit for. And I finish with, "You'll understand better when you get bigger."

My biggest regret is that he'll never be able to spend more than a short time with *both* his mom & dad .. the two people who made him. But (as Tom said), "It's better than seeing those two people fighting all the time."


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Comments (28)

Oh, my kids are big fans of Lightning McQueen, they could watch it over and over again. To be true, I'm a little bit tired of that cartoon))

My son really likes this cartoon and his protagonist is a real example for a little boy.

We should never regret about the things we cannot change. His mom & dad had enough time together.

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