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Cinco de Mayo 2007 (Laguna Beach)

Cinco de Mayo 2007 (Laguna Beach)Last week, I mentioned having a dream, in which (presidential candidate) Barack Obama was assassinated. This week I read he was placed under Secret Service protection.

Last week I documented my findings from a comparison I did of the two best open source Content Management Systems (Joomla vs Drupal), where I determined Joomla 1.5 represented the best approach (for me), yet was slooow in coming.

This week I heard Joomla 1.5-beta2 was released, the first such release from Joomla in nearly 7 months.

I doubt my entries had anything to do with these developments, but my ego (battered, but not broken) insists, "We know better." (Gotta admit, the timing is uncanny.)

Today is my favorite party of the year > Teri & Alan's annual Cinco de Mayo party. Good food, good people, great location (right on the beach in Laguna). I'm here now .. connected to their wireless network.

••••• today's entry continues below •••••

This is my 4th year at their party. I originally met them cuz they wanted someone to build them a PC designed to edit digital video. That was right up my alley, after having dated a Film school student for several years.

Four years ago, they said, "We're having a party Saturday. Why don't you stop by so we can meet."

I want to brag a bit and let you know this PC here is still going strong. They have done much video editing with it, along with a dual-boot configuration that also lets them use the machine as their normal day-to-day PC (where my home page is their home page).

Alan edits with Avid Xpress Pro + Avid Mojo hardware acceleration. It's the bomb. I did a good job building that beast. It has multi-flat panel monitors, 4 hard drives, including one 15K-rpm SCSI beast (boot/system drive).

Some guy with a ponytail is out on the patio playing flamenco guitar. Olé! Typical Lagunatics here. Gorgeous view of the ocean from there. Wish I woulda brought my camera, so I could post some pictures.

Old girlfriend Wendy is here .. flamenco dancing out on the patio. You know she is hating life since we broke up. Once you get used to filet mignon every night, it's hard settle for a balony sandwich. =)

Teri is massage guru, for 25 years now. Teaches massage, too. She's walking around, rubbing people's shoulders, giving micro-massages, 5 mins. She has the magic. Makes you melt. People who do massage for a living go to her to get their own massages. She is the massage therapist's massge therapist.

I am showing pictures of the bug (stored on my laptop). I had forgotten he was here - at this party - 2 years ago, when I was still with his mom. People here still remember him. Everybody says he looks *just* like me. (The Dog told me he looks like the UPS man.)

The bug knows this place. This is where I took him back when I was living out of my Porsche. =) Sweet energy here, which is why I choose this place from among the offers I had. Something about being here makes people feel good.

Last night I saw movie Happy Feet with friends (good flick, cute) .. made me sad, tho .. about penguin family: a penguin-dad , a penguin-mom and their penguin-son. Together. Not being together (as you'll see by examining nature) is unnatural.

A guy here (Juan) just uploaded into Teri/Alan's PC (where I built myself, from scratch) pictures of his recent trip to Thailand .. pictures of Dali Lama, Buddhists monks. Big group surrounds him, ooh'ing & ah'ing..

He uploaded (an incredible) 3,572 photos, consuming nearly 10 GB of Teri's disk space, from an 80-gig USB drive he carries around with him. He uses 7-megapixel Canon portable digital camera, with two flash memory cards: one 2-gig, and one 4-gig. He says, "One time I ran out of space. It was bad." With a grin, he added, "I don't have that problem anymore.

Couple in corner talking about immune system, and how digestive system provides 70% of human immunity. Another conversation is about aromatherapy. Typical Laguna conversations (Lagunatics). "We need to eat healthy," says one lady. "We can't eat poison," she adds (as I sip my beer).

I want to design new Rad rig, but one specifically designed to edit video .. built around Avid Xpress Pro + Mojo hardware acceleration. Old one was designed beginning of last year (obsolete).

This is no ordinary Cinco de Mayo party, cuz this one is actually on the 5th. (Cinco de Mayo = Spanish for 5th of May.) All other CdM parties were held on Saturdays closest to 5th. Won't happen again for 7 years.

A big green amazon parrot is perched on Teri's shoulder. It belongs to one of the guests here. Parrot is 14 years old. Supposedly they live to be 60. Talking up a storm. Yakkety, yak.

A few people asked me, "Hey, aren't you the guy with that cool web site?"

ome great Cuban music is playing on the stereo right now. Teri says a Cuban girl made the CD.

Regarding the decision to place Barack Obama under Secret Service protection, when I read the following:

The decision to assign agents to Mr. Obama, nearly nine months before voting begins in the Democratic primaries for president, is the earliest the Secret Service has ever issued a security detail to a candidate. Department Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said Chertoff made the decision on Obama "in recent days."

.. I thought, "Yeah, probably right after he read my entry." =) [Gotta admit, timing is uncanny.]

Word-count this entry > 145 + 737 = 882.


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2012 is the next Sat 5th May as there are 2 leap days before then.


Low-grade headached all day. Only 3 beers yesterday, over 8-hour stretch. Thought a stiff espresso might heal thyself, and it *did* .. for a while. But it returned. Never been much of a drinker.

I *did* however come home with plenty of yummy left-overs. (Pays to stay late.)

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