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Site Move to New Upgraded Web Server Complete

The new Rad server is a Dell PowerEdge 2650Test of the new Rad server. If you can read this, you're getting the *new* server. Could be my imagination, but this one feels a little zippier. No?

I made some dumb mistakes, such as misreading the new name server, which is now ns1.lunarservers.com .. as ns1.lunarpages.com.

The old name server was ns6.lunarPAGES.com. I saw the ns1 and (foolishly) ignored the rest (.lunarservers.com), assuming the number 6 merely needed to be changed to a 1.

Didn't figure that out until 8PM last night. The site was moved 24 hours earlier (8PM Friday). There's something to be said for the (foolproof) copy-n-paste method.

Then I couldn't connect to the (new, beautiful, fast, upgraded) server via FTP. I've use a dedicated IP address since I've had the site (last 7 years).

But the new IP addy won't be available for 5 days (they tell me). Until then, I use the domain name to connect (like most people connect to their servers).

I'm embarrassed to say I entered http://radified.com into my FTP client, when only radified.com should've been entered (hangs head in shame).

••••• today's entry continues below ••••• 

The good thing is that .. I figured out this stuff on my own, without the help of Lunarpages support (who rocks, btw). Lessons learned. Won't make those mistakes again, I guarantee you. (They'll be plenty of others, I'm sure.)

There was also a problem with the subdomains .. such as http://ghost.radified.com/ and http://blogs.radified.com/ not showing up for some reason. Lunarpages support said there was an "issue" with the new server and apparently resolved it, cuz they're working fine now.

Lunarpages support reminds me of my bank. When I think there's a problem with them, 99% of the time, the problem is actually something on *my* end. When the problem is on their end, they usually know it.

The new Rad server is a Dell PowerEdge 2650 (PDF), sporting dual-Xeons @ 2.8 GHz, with 6 gigs memory & SCSI RAID disk storage, running...

Update. I tried. Got my butt kicked. Beyond my skillset. Too bad. FastCGI would've been nice for the blog. Lunarpages support was no help. I contacted the FastCGI developers. They're my last hope.

The new server, which supports PHP5, has the abaility to toggle back & forth between PHP4 (latest version of PHP4) and PHP5. Pretty cool .. in case I have problems running PHP5 (I can toggle back to 4). When I enabled PHP5 (in the control panel), the following message popped up:

Warning: If you have any custom dothtaccess content, it will no longer work and you will have to re-add the content. The content will be backed up to a timestamped dothtaccess file if you required any content from it.

[Update, regarding the words "htaccess" mentioned in the blockquote above. See this entry I made in the forums. This has nothing to do with the rest of today's entry, but is merely interesting.]

I went ahead and enabled PHP5. Drupal, which I installed last week (see > HERE), is written almost entirely in PHP4. So if PHP5 was gonna give me trouble, that's where I'd likely see it.

So, we have a new forum, a new blog, a new domain name (which I want to launch Father's Day) a new content management system, and now a new server to run it all. Think I see a pattern developing.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for query > web site move new server lunarpages mysql php


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