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The Bug No Longer Stuttering

The Bug is no longer stuttering. Happy days are here again.

Heading out for a bike ride, but first I wanna share > the bug is no longer stuttering. Everybody told me not-to-worry, but it still bothered me.

He stuttered for ~ a month. Broke my heart. No more, tho. You can't imagine the sense of relief. (Happy days here again.)

He slept over last night. In the middle of the night, I felt a little hand on my face. I'm guessing he woke (in the dark) and wanted to know who was sleeping beside him.

He probably felt my (scruffy) face for a clue, then went back to sleep. (Cool feeling. Made me smile.)

••••• today's entry continues below •••••

Wish things were better with his mom. I mean, we're supposed to be on the same team, right? We both want the same thing > for him to be happy & healthy. You'd think then, it would be easier for us to get along. I honestly thought, by now, things would've improved more than they have.

I may not have an advanced degree in Child Development, but I *do* know how to love and show affection. And I'm able to make him laugh. I really do my best, and (while I have him) pour everything I have into him.

"Just keep doing what you're doing," friends tell me, "and (some day) she'll eventually *have* to admit you're a good dad." To which I replied: "You obviously don't know her very well."

After his bath last night, he was sitting on my lap, while we watched one of his favorite movies (Polar Express), and the smell of his (freshly-washed) hair was (oddly enough) something I found enjoyable. At one point, I found myself watching him (as he watched the movie), instead of the movie itself. Never woulda thought something so simple could have such an effect.

Another (unexpectedly) cool thing is when he sits on my lap on the swings. I'll lean back, and he'll lay back on me (facing skyward), close his eyes, like he's dreaming or imagining, and swing away. (Never wants to stop.) It's a workout for me. We go high.

Sometimes, little girls will walk up and ask, "Can I be next?" .. and I'll say something like, "Uh, I'm getting tired. You should probably ask your mom."

Another special time is singing songs together in church, while I hold him. Easy to feel lots of gratitude during these times of praise & worship. (That will be tomorrow.)

The other day, we were driving (to his mom's house), when I asked (for the first time), "Who's the best dada in the whole world?" You could almost hear his gears turning. After a pronounced pause he pointed and replied, "This one!" =D

We have many neat experiences, and some day I'll chronicle them for you, but now it's time for a bike ride.

This is normally my weekend, but I'm donating today to his mom, so she can spend more time with him. My friends say this is a "wise move," which will pay "rich dividends."

Actually, they were talking about last week, when I let her keep him the entire week.


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