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First Day of Summer; Rad-mobile Passes CA Smog Check

Summer solstice tomorrow. First day of summer. Longest day of the year (or shortest, if you live south of the equator). Sun enters sign of Cancer.

The exact time (when the sun reaches its northern-most position, and turns around to head back south) will be 2:06 PM EDT. That's 11:06 AM for us Left-coasters. I hope this summer isn't oppressively-hot, like it was last year.

The word solstice comes from Latin > sun stands still. Cuz the sun appears to stop (for a few days) its north-ward movement along the horizon, if you watch where it sets every night.

Starting tomorrow, days begin to shorten. Autumn however, is traditionally my favorite season > warm days, cool nights, clean air & pumpkins.

In other news, the Rad-mobile got smog checked today, something we do here in California every two years. Takes 15 minutes. Costs $60. Car passed, easily, with less than half the allowable emissions.

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Big thing for passing smog is > changing oil just before test. Dirty oil is loaded with hydrocarbons, which will flunk a test. (Uh, been there, done that.) Also, a clean air filter allows the engine to 'breathe' better, diluting exhaust with more (clean) air. ("Dilution is the solution to pollution.")

Stopped by my mechanic's shop on the way. He tweaked the engine to provide more air for its fuel/air mixture. And blew out the air filter with an air hose. He says my year 911 is his favorite. You might recall, just last month, I installed new spark plugs.

At the smog check station, the guy who checked my car saw & mentioned my car seat. Told him I had a two-year old. He said he also had a two-year-old.

Long story short > his daughter was born on the exact same day as the bug. At almost the same time, too. What are the chances of that? She was born up in LA at the UCLA medical center. (The bug was born here in Laguna Beach.)

His daughter's name is Naomi. (Showed me a picture.) They live up in LA. He commutes. (That's gotta suk.) Really nice guy, tho. Enjoyable to be around.

Did I mention the Rad-mobile ('84 911 with 165K miles + original engine) passed smog? Glad for that. I asked if older cars have higher limits (for emissions). They told me every car has its own set of limits (CO, CO2, hydrocarbon + particulate).

Cars newer than 6 years old + those built before 1976 are exempt. So I am 8 years from exemption.


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