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Two's Not So Terrible

The bug will be next month, putting him mid-way thru the Terrible Two's, which I've heard much about, always wondering how much of the surrounding lore is true.

My experience (so far) is that he's at the coolest age yet, a blast to have around.

The real problem (at this age), I feel, is that kid's immune systems are still developing. Consequently they often get sick, with some illnesses more serious than others. And nobody enjoys feeling crummy, no matter how minor the symptoms might be.

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The bug, I should add, is a trooper, not much of a complainer. He usually wants to play, even when feeling yucky.

Another factor, I feel, is that this is the age where they begin to learn their opinions matter. I alluded to this last month when I mentioned Learning Dad Tricks.

There's a fine balance > you want them feel their opinions matter (which they do), but without letting them rule your life.

I actually find comfort in the fact that he exercises his will, knowing what he wants (and what he doesn't). But that's an entirely different subject, which I won't get into here. But, you know, you want them to feel comfortable saying, "No," when they don't like something, especially when you can't be there for them all the time. Hopefully you catch my drift.

So I feel the (so called) Terrible Two's are really about a combination of feeling crummy (result of frequent illnesses due to an immature immune system) and this newfound voice, which lets them assert their opinion.

When not feeling well, his insistence on what he wants (& doesn't want) is far more, uh, dramatic. When he's playing at the park, for example. And it's time to go, normally this isn't a problem.

But if he isn't feeling well, it can get ugly. He has learned the Spanish words uno mas, which mean one more, as in > one more time (down the slide, or up the ladder).

Uno mas can quickly become mucho mas (uno mas ad infinitum) when he's not feeling well.

Anyway, that's my take on the Terrible Two's > not so terrible. Pretty cool, actually. And I feel it's important children learn their opinion matters, even if they can't always get their way.

So, did I mention he's at the coolest age? Perhaps another entry, I'll share some of the funny stuff he has done. Kids are a great study in human nature cuz they're so genuine & natural. I have a million things I can share on this and related topics.


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2's are great...wait till he hit's 3's!

Fantastic! I really appreciate the whole statement. Thanks for this!

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