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Returning to the Gym After 6-Month Layoff

ArnoldReturned to the gym yesterday .. first time in 6 months. You might recall, 6 months ago, when I tweaked my back, how bad that suk'ed. (See entry titled » Falling Apart at the Seams.)

Felt good to throw around some iron. I went straight to the BACK exercises, beginning with deadlifts.

Felt surprisingly strong, considering. Used moderate weights (not light, not heavy). Resisted the urge to push it. I did tucker out pretty quickly, tho. I'll see how I feel in the morning. (Hope I can climb out of bed.)

Until recently I had no desire to workout (only bike-rides). But this week, it felt like my body was asking to get back in the gym.

Another factor » my eyes been bothering me lately. Been reading the Head First book on XHTML/CSS, which I've been enjoying .. more so as I get into the more advanced chapters.

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In fact, the chapter I started today .. chapter 10 (on The Box Model) says » "This is where you move up to the big leagues." (I'm ~ 2/3rds thru the book. Learned some good stuff in the last chapter on fonts & color.)

Not sure if all this reading is the reason, but my eyes been killing me. Drops provide only temporary relief. So I figure it's time to put down the book and pick up the weights. You know what the ancients advised » "Moderation in all things."

Plus my sleep has been whacked lately (not to mention the bizarre dreams), and I always sleep like a big dog whenever I work-out.

First couple weeks are usually the worst (sore muscles). After a routine has been established, and the body is conditioned, life is good once again. Wish I could fastforward two weeks. But it doesn't work that way, does it?

Tomorrow » legs. (if I can get out of bed...) They say showing up is half the battle.


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Get back on the field then. It's hard to adjust. but great feeling! I can recall myself onto the same page!


I've got really sore muscle especially on my bicep when I got back to Gym.

Like Amy :). I've got really sore muscle especially on my bicep when I got back to Gym

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