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Frontline Launches 25th Anniversary Season (PBS)

Cheney's Law | Frontline Kicks off its new seasonFrontline begins its new season today (25th anniversary) .. featuring a show titled » Cheney's Law, about the Veep's multi-decade campaign to expand presidential powers, especially following 9-11.

I like Frontline cuz they present their investigative reporting in a manner that is methodical & logical, allowing me (the viewer) to arrive at my own conclusions. I never feel like Frontline is trying to coerce me into adopting a certain viewpoint.

They also dig deep, uncovering insights few researchers find. And their programs address topics you're not likely to find elsewhere. Next week's program, for example, is titled » Showdown with Iran.

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I also like the (somber) voice of their narrator, Will Lyman, and the fact that the show contains no commercials (PBS). Their programs are posted online, so I can watch them on my laptop, whenever .. such as the wee morning hours .. if I happen to have trouble sleeping. They actually help me relax.

Speaking of relaxing .. I've been getting lots of rest lately. Slept thru last night. First time since tweaking my neck (while mountain biking).

Physically I'm feeling better. (No Advil today.) Tho yesterday I felt weird » disoriented, depressed, confused, agitated, had difficulty concentrating.

Some claim this could be symptoms of post-concussive syndrome. I didn't really hurt my head when I landed on it (see previous post .. since I was wearing a crash helmet) .. so I'm not sure what's happening. Mood seems better today, tho I'm feeling exhausted, even tho I've been doing little but resting.

Rest, they say, is the best recovery technique. So that's what I'm trying to do.

Anyway, regarding today's Frontline special, you can find more info at » USA Today, » New York Times, » Los Angeles Times, » Chicago Tribune, » Boston Globe, » Toronto Star, & » Seattle PI. Here on the Left coast (SoCal) Frontline airs at 9PM.

60 Minutes producer Jeff Fager says, "Frontline is respected for good reason: They are dedicated to original reporting, which is expensive, hard to do and hard to find on television."


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