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Sore Neck Following Mountain Biking Crash

SingletrackRegarding Sunday's mountain biking mishap (see previous entry), I should be over the worst of it .. tho not yet out of the woods.

Starting to feel human again. Neck still sore/stiff, especially left side. Got a headache, too, which I didn't have before. Weird. Otherwise, it's steady as she goes .. with Advil & Tigerbalm. (I'm done with icing phase.)

My new mountain bike has disc break, which provides more stopping power (way more) than old bike. Two fingers is all it takes. Makes it easy to lock front tire .. which can send you sailing over the handlebars, especially on a steep decline.

Tom's wife told me she is more afraid of mountain biking than rock climbing, cuz there's a greater chance of hitting the ground while mountain biking. (No safety ropes to break your fall.)

On the trails, she always let me go first (after Tom), saying she was super cautious, going extra slowly. I thought she was just being nice, sandwiching me (least experienced rider) between her and her husband. She certainly made it look easy.

But maybe she really was leery. I can see now why that might be. =/ She also told me she never used her front brake .. to prevent going over the handlebars. I thought "never" was extreme. Doesn't seem so extreme now.

••• today's entry continues below •••

Tom told me the story how he broke a rib last year. He was sailing down a single-track (narrow trail), about 25 MPH .. when a branch reached out and caught his handlebars .. which immediately turned his front wheel perpendicular.

The handlebar broke his rib. He then went sailing thru the air 10 or 12 feet. He said, "I had a broken rib, and hadn't even hit the ground yet." He said, while sailing thru the air, "I was thinking, this isn't good."

Something about that story cracks me up. (Maybe cuz it wasn't me.) He said, while laying on the ground, he had a hard time breathing, and trouble getting up.


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