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Over the Handlebars (Ouch) » Mountain Biking Mishap

Mountain biking this weekend. Too much fun. Nasty spill. Crashed & burned. Ouch. Sore neck.

Red CrossMy buddy Tom said, "Don't try to move." Asked me, "How many fingers am I holding up?" and what state we were in. I knew that stuff. (Three, California.) He's taken numerous first-aid classes.

Maybe mild concussion. Was wearing a helmet. Nasty (bloody) scrapes left arm & leg. (Looks cool, tho.) I rode out. (Walked the gnarlier parts.)

We'll see how I feel in the morning. Probably will be stiff. Tom has a chiropractor he wants me to see tomorrow, to take some x-rays, just in case.

Met others on the trail who had the same thing happen. (Airborne. Launched.) They said first couple of days are worst. Been icing neck. (First 24-48 hours.)

If you're naseous and/or dizzy, that indicates concussion. I was neither. Turning head side-to-side not fun. Took a Motrin. (Might need another.)

••• today's entry continues below •••

First thing I thought of was » the Bug. "I've gotta be okay for the Bug," I thought. Funny what runs thru our minds during times of crisis. (I wasn't *trying* to think anything.)

Mountain BikingWe were coming down a trail called Marie Callendars (at El Moro), which had nasty ruts. My front tire went perpendicular, and I went sailing over the handlebars. (Fun 'til I landed.) Scary.

Tom was letting me lead. Right before lift-off, I heard him call out, "You got a gnarly part coming up here." It was too late.

Good thing is » I was all warmed up (sweaty), and therefore loose. Hot day. Muscles more pliable when warm.

At a taco joint afterwards, we met a group of mountain bikers. Girl there said same thing happened to her during very first ride (years ago).

At dinner, Tom told me many stories of crash-n-burns he'd been involved with, both personally and as an observer. Some made me laugh. Felt good to laugh. Tho some died (rock climbing). Sobering. "If you can walk away," he said, "you're doing good."


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