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Southern California is Burning » Fires Rage out of Control

Southern California is burning. A dozen different fires rage out of control. Even here near the coast, the smell of smoke is strong, leaving both eyes and sinuses irritated, and making it hard to sleep.

Fires Rage in SoCalWhite flakes of ash litter the ground. A fine film of black dust/dirt covers surfaces near all cracked windows. The moon appeared orange last night, like a pumpkin.

The air is very dry. Shirts and bed-sheets have that fresh-out-of-the-dryer crispness. The shower is bone-dry 10 minutes after stepping out.

I soaked a few towels last night and hung them up, to add some moisture to the air. The winds have died down today, but raged last 2 days, knocking down a section of fence here Sunday night.

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The Dog called (from NYC) this morning » "I'm calling to see if your @ss is on fire."

He says he was just down in Atlanta last week, visiting his sister there, where they have a drought so severe they might have to begin trucking-in bottled water soon.

People are reporting their neighbors for mis-using water. "I saw the Johnsons watering their lawn at midnight." .. leading to arguments and fights. My buddy Jeffrey said:

The drought is a MAJOR issue here. Durham has water for 60 days, Raleigh 75. People are diming out their neighbors left-n-right over misuse. I'm lucky to live out in the country, where I have a spring-fed well (300 ft deep). I won't run out any time soon. But I don't water anything or waste. My yard looks as brown as my shoes.


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