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Continuing to Enhance Web Master Skill Set (XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver)

Learning lots about (X)HTML, CSS. & Dreamweaver. For example, I finished reading the Head First book (cover-to-cover, all 650 pages). Currently half-way thru the Lynda.com Essential training video for Dreamweaver CS3 (Creative Suite 3). Also reading the Missing Manual on Dreamweaver (~1,000 pages), which goes into more detail than the video. All great stuff.

Was surprised to read over at Coding Horror that the average programmer reads less than 1 (technical) book per year.

Given that tech books often contain ~1,000 pages, that doesn't mean Programmers aren't adding to their knowledge base. Yet I thought the number would be higher.

Note that it *is* possible to learn Dreamweaver (to create web pages) withOUT ever becoming familiar with the underlying technologies it uses (e.g. XHTML, CSS, etc.), but I feel better having spent the time to get a handle on those technologies before learning how to wield the tool (Dreamweaver).

My web skills are vasty improved over what they were a few months ago. I would feel comfortable designing and developing most any type of site .. except one that is primarily database-driven. (But that, too, is coming.)

I also now feel comfortable delving into more advanced treatments of CSS and Dreamweaver, such as (the book titled ») CSS Mastery, and (the training video titled ») Beyond the Basics for Dreamweaver. Plus I'd like to learn some scripting, such as PHP, JavaScript and AJAX .. along with XML. Cool stuff, especialy for the age in which we live.

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I enjoy learning about technology and the tools that use them. Very powerful. My only frustration is that I can't cram it into my head faster. It's not the type of info you can breeze thru, like a novel. It needs to be processed. Plus there are practice exercises to do (which reinforce the learning process).

Back in the day, the term web master meant you knew a little HTML. Today, more is required. And the skill-set continues to expand. Until recently, I've focused primarily on producing unique content, largely ignoring (much as possible) the underlying web technologies. That's changing.

I'm itching to design a completely new home page — from scratch — using the cool new stuff I've learned these past months .. but I'm staying focused, contining to enhance my skill-set. Easier to stay in a groove, once it's developed.

Interesting that many of the articles which discuss the skill-set required for today's webmaster place good writing at (or near) the top of their list.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » developing web master skills xhtml css dreamweaver scripting


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