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Laptop DC Input Power Jack Loose

The DC Iinput power jack on my laptop is loose. I've tripped over the cord once too often. I'm actually surprised it has lasted this long, considering how many times I've (accidentally) yanked it out.

DC Power Jack for a Laptop ComputerIt hasn't become a major problem yet, as power is easily restored with a quick jiggle or slight adjustment. But a few more well-placed yanks could render it useless. (If I can't get power to the laptop, it becomes a hi-tech doorstop .. soon as the battery dies.)

Google queries reveal this problem is surprisingly common (especially with Dells). If you're handy with a soldering iron (I've learned), you can try repairing it yourself. (My particular jack costs only US$10.)

Unfortunately, soldering is more difficult than it looks, especially when dealing with tiny connectors .. not to mention disassembling the laptop (and its subsequent reassembly). Best to let an experienced pro work their magic.

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For this you'll pay ~$100+shipping. Or $125 (with return 2-day shipping included). Tho I've seen some charging as much as $160 (Massachusetts) or even $200 (Santa Monica).

The best solution however, is to take care when running your power cord .. to avoid laying it where someone might trip over it.

For more on this topic, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » laptop+dc+input+power+jack+loose


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