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Potty Training Commences!

Here's an entry worth staying up late to document » Potty training has commenced! Quite by accident, I might add.

We'd just finished eating lunch at a local taco joint (where Kobe eats) and it was time to change the bug's diaper (as usual, following a big meal).

I was unable however, to find a clean diaper anywhere. (Something I try to avoid, squirreling away spare diapers in every cubby hole imaginable).

Tore apart the car » no diaper anywhere. (First time that's ever happened.) Not good. So I say (after cleaning him up), "You gotta go pee here in the toilet." And he does an amazing job, if ya know what I mean. Better than I ever could've hoped for.

So we're high-fiving there in the bathroom. "You so totally rock, dude!" (I've begun patterning my style of praise, you might've noticed, off Crush, the 150-year-old turtle featured in Finding Nemo).

••••• today's entry continues below •••••

Later that day, remembering how easy things went earlier, I again set him on the throne, after we returned to the ranch (before putting on a new diaper). And again » beautiful things happen (imagination required here).

So we have 3 days of solid potty action. Monumental! I've made previous attempts. Tho mostly in vain. He never seemed very interested in the process, despite my encouragement. You know what they say » "You can lead a toddler to water ..."

While sitting on the throne, here at home, he tells me (with a swatting motion) "Daddy, you go away." The look on his face cracks me up. Heard this plea for privacy is common with kids his age (.. while calling the East Coast earlier, to inform the family of the news flash.)

A little later, I'll hear him calling from the bathroom, "Daddy, come look." More rousing high-fives. "You rock, bug!" Isn't long however, 'til he again dismisses me with a swatting motion, saying, "Daddy, you .. you go away."

My strategy these past months has been to remind him how using the toilet is something "big kids" do. (He looks up to several older kids in the neighborhood.) Today I heard him call out from the bathroom, saying, "I'm going poo-poo in the toilet .. like the *big* kids."

He was in there a *long* time, ~30 minutes, maybe 45. No problemo. "Take your time." He wouldn't however, let me flush, insisting rather on doing that himself.

Potty training is a big thing. Some pre-schools won't accept kids who haven't yet been potty trained. Plus it makes a parent's life significantly easier .. tho I'm sure there'll be other challenges to compensate for the lightened workload. I suspect potty training also effects the child's self-esteem .. in a + way.

Today the bug learned a new Spanish word (he knows ~50) .. from a cute Mexican girl who works at the local taco joint here, when she flirted with him, saying » "Guapo!" (I told him it meant "handsome.")

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » potty training


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