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The Bug's First Theater Movie (Sorta)

Surf's UpTook the Bug to the movies today. (A first.) Seems like a small thing, but felt like something big.

We've stopped by the theater before today, but never gone with a specific movie in mind. Previous visits were merely intended to familiarize him with what it feels like to walk inside a (dark) movie theater .. so today (when it finally came) wouldn't be such a surprise.

We saw Surf's Up (dude). Strong reviews. A flick about penguins who surf. Pretty funny. Made me laugh out loud several times.

The bug is still small enough that he can sit on my lap. Before leaving the house I found the Surfs Up web site, and reviewed the main characters with him, so he'd be familiar with their names (Cody, Chicken Joe, Tank, Lani).

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All the neighbors have been encouraging me to take him, saying he'd enjoy it. He can watch an entire video (such as Finding Nemo or Polar Express) all the way thru, but usually needs to warm up to it in smaller doses.

At the theater this afternoon, he seemed to be enjoying himself, but wanted to leave after only 30 minutes. (The manager agreed to refund my ticket price.) Fortunately, kids under (age) 3 get in free.

I thought this animation was an off-shoot of Happy Feet (also about penguins), but it's not. The two are unrelated, other than they both feature penguins as main characters. This might be why the bug lost interest » no familiar characters.

Today nevertheless felt like a special day. The gorgeous weather we've been having recently doesn't hurt. Spectacular .. this first full week of summer. I removed the Targa top for the ride over (with Elmo riding shotgun).


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