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Warning: Excessive Server Usage

Rad Pirate FlagReceived a notice yesterday .. from my web host (Lunarpages), which begins »

Your account is using excessive resources, causing a significant degradation of services on the server.

This is a shared environment and we can not allow one user to utilize the majority of resources, as it affects all users adversely. Because of this, your site has been temporarily moved ...

Warning: Excessive Server Usage

So it appears we've been banished .. to an exile server .. reserved for bad-web-boys, and other rouge scoundrels who have trouble playing by the rules.

I'm actually flattered .. that the site is generating enough traffic to warrant such a warning. Could be worse. I mean, if the site were using NO server resources .. that certainly wouldn't be good.

Their notice continues by suggesting I upgrade to a VPS account (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server. See here:

Your account is more suited for a VPS or dedicated server, not a shared situation.

I would *love* to host a VPS account (.. for the experience of administering our own server). Magoo says he has the savvy to administer a Linux account. See here:

"Funny how little they consider your fair share of that server. If it turns out your site is operating correctly and just outgrown a shared environment, I can definitely help with the VPS account. I am very comfortable with CentOS, Apache, and Perl. That's easy stuff."

••• today's entry continues below •••

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Except (at $40/mo) VPS accounts are rather pricey. Whereas, I now pay ~$10/mo, which includes a dedicated IP. ($100/yr vs $500/yr.) If they would give me a break on the price, I would like to try that option .. for the sake of the experience we'd get by administering our own server environment.

Dr. Che Guevara | Bad-boy revolutionary (who also fought the excessive utilization of resources by the few)One thing that's always seemed strange » Lunarpages provides 350 gigs of space for the Shared accounts, yet only 20 for (the more expen$ive) VPS accounts. Seems backwards, no?

Or is the 350 just a marketing ploy? Nobody is gonna need 350 gigs. Radified uses 1 .. at least that's how big the last (compressed) back-up was .. and I have well over 1,000 pages. Maybe 2,000.

I am currently looking into ways we can lower server usage. For example, I've already deleted a few thousand inactive users from the forum database. NightOwl has restricted one of the search parameters from '9999'to '30'.

I'm also researching other boards, such as Simple Machines, vBulletin & phpBB. All are driven by PHP using a MySQL database. Comtemporary. Cool. Easier on server resources than my Perl-based board (YaBB).

Actually, SMF used to be named YaBB SE (Splinter Edition), which I installed years ago to demo. But the dev team abandoned it to begin anew with SMF, which is now highly regarded.

If necessary, I can always move the site to another host. (There are many to choose from. Mosso looks cool.) I've done it before. It's never much fun, but I'm comfortable with the procedure.

Anyway, be it known .. if you continue visiting RADIFIED (consuming server resources) you do so at your own risk. You may get a bad reputation .. for hanging out with the rouge scoundrels who frequent here. Those choosing to disregard this warning may receive a ration of bread & water for 3 days.

Does this new server seem faster? Definitely seems zippier to me. I could get to like it here (on the exile server).

 More info » HERE.


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well all what I can say is congratulations, I know the notice seems to be a bad thing for someone who don't know, but it is a great thing I would love to receive that notice on my both sites.

Congrats again

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