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EAOS anniversary, First Photoshop Layer & The Bug's First Root Beer Float

Space-Time ContinuumAdios November, hola December. Today is the anniversary of my getting out of the Navy.

The military calls it » EAOS [End of Active Obligated Service].

The six years that (seemed like they) would never end. Unfortunately, I didn't learn that counting days-remaining only slows time .. until I was already out.

EAOS Anniversary

I remember walking out of the Admin building (in Bangor, Washington) after signing my discharge papers [Form DD-214]. Tho I still had a few days remaining, the sky (literally) looked bluer (not a figure of speech) ..

.. the grass greener. Birds were chirping. My feet seemed to hover just above ground. Boundless energy at my command. A sense of satisfaction oozed from every pore. Funny how it was obviously late November, yet my recollection of that day seems more like mid-summer.

First Photoshop Layer

» In more-technical news, I created my first image using layers (in Photoshop) today. If you check out the previous entry, you'll see I put some radEyes in the skull pictured on the pirate flag there. Simple, but the technique is the same, no matter how sophisticated you wanna get.

Back when I first heard about Photoshop, a friend mentioned the program's real editing power was accessed by learning how to use layers. Of course, it's much easier to learn when you have somebody showing you how.

••• today's entry continues below •••

PJ Madison's ice creamI'm learning many cool Photoshop tricks, beginning with those specifically applicable to working with the Web. And speaking of first's .. the Bug had his first root beer float this week.

The Bug's First Root Beer Float

Do you recall? » in Finding Nemo, the scene where Dory & Marlin find themselves trapped inside the whale .. when the whale utters a loud, guttural noise .. and Dory (who claims she can speak/interpret whale) says,..

"Okay, that was a little tough. He either said we should move to the back of the throat .. or he wants a root beer float." ??

Virgil's Root BeerAnyway, the Bug (who has always enjoyed that part of the story) turned and asked, "What's a root beer float, dada?"

"A root beer float?!" I says. "You mean to tell me you've never had a root beer float? My son! We must correct this discrepancy immediately!"

So we paused the DVD, hopped in the Rad-mobile (after removing the targa top), and motored down to Mother's Market, where we picked up a 4-pack of Virgil's (all-natural) root beer, and a pint of PJ Madison's legendary Bourbon Vanilla ice cream.

"See how the ice cream *floats* in the root beer?" I explained, trying to push it down with a spoon. "That's why they call it a 'root beer float'."

"The whale likes this," he said after swallowing a spoonful. "Yeah," I replied, "*everybody* likes this."

Now the Bug knows what a root beer float is » the very meaning of life itself (for a 2-year-old). =) Building his vocabulary, one treat at a time.

Finding Nemo, by the way, in case you haven't seen, is a story about a father who goes to extraordinary lengths to "find" his son (Nemo) .. who was taken (by divers). My favorite scene is where one pelican says, "Sounds like that guy will stop at *nothing* to find his son."

To which the other replies (flying away), "Sure hope he makes it. That's one dedicated father if you ask me."


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