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Synchronicity, Coincidence & the Sedlec Ossuary

Radiation: can't see it. Can't feel, hear, smell or taste it. Yet even a tiny amount of radioactive material can be lethal.

Virgil at Kutna HoraBeing trained to deal with the hazards of ionizing radiation (an unseen danger) has conditioned me (for better or worse) to view life a little .. differently.

My habit (of being consciousness of the unseen) is not something I try to do, mind you. Rather, after of years of working in the industry, it has become part of who I am (for better or worse).

On the positive side, it's easier for me to view life more spiritually. On the negative, it tends to make me suspicious .. in a curiously observant way.

If you apply this habit (being conscious of the unseen) to normal, everyday life (where we encounter countless stimuli), you might see why I'm quick to question statistical anomalies.

Say for example, you're sitting in a movie theater, watching a great flick, and you have to be somewhere right afterwards. You see the movie starting to wind down, so you move to the rear of the auditorium (where several hundred movie-goers are seated), prepared to make your escape (to beat the rush).

••• today's entry continues below •••

Soon as the movie ends, you make a mad-dash for the exit. Approaching your car however, you notice someone behind you, who seems to have the same idea. As you dig for your keys, you notice he's parked right beside you (in a huge parking lot).

Now what are the odds of this? (One-in-several-hundred, would be a reasonable guess.) You pause to survey the lot, and notice you and this fellow (who's parked right beside you) are the only two at your cars. Everyone else is just starting to exit the theater.

Does this make me paranoid? No. But it does make me suspicious. The odds are too unlikely to accept it as mere coincidence .. especially if his car (let's call it a spotless black SUV) wasn't there when I arrived. Friends say I'm drinking too much espresso. =) Or maybe I've had too many classes in Statistics & Analysis.

I realize that, if somebody really was following me, they never woulda made it so obvious. And I can't think of a reason why anybody would wanna follow me. (My life ain't that interesting.)

Here's another oddity I noticed, tho slightly less paranoid. See what you think. Yesterday I viewed photos the Dog sent from his wedding (in Prague). Of the hundred-or-so I saw, the most striking were those taken at the Sedlec Ossuary in nearby Kutna Hora.

Anyway, the stacks of skulls were something you don't soon forget. Later that same day, I noticed a link to an interesting article at Google News which said » CIA and Vatican edit Wikipedia entries. [I've been known to reference Wikipedia.]

So I follow the links to find out who it was that thought of the (very cool) idea to invent the WikiScanner program, and discover it's a 24 year old grad student/hacker named Virgil. Out of curiosity, I visited Virgil's site. Lo and behold, there on the main page is a picture of him with the skulls at the Sedlec Ossuary.

I've never seen those skulls before. Now I see them twice in the same day .. from two seemingly unrelated sources. What are the odds of that? Small, I assure you. Very small. What might it mean? I have no idea. Why would he put that picture on his web site? On the main page, no less?

These weird coincidences don't occur all the time. But when they do (like now), they tend to come clumped together in bunches. I seem notice them most when I'm in love, tho (unfortunately) I'm not in love right now. I have no answers .. only observations and questions.

Jung addresses the topic in his book » Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle (which may or may not apply to what I'm experiencing). Another interesting concept (from Physics) deals with how our minds relate to matter » Attention, Intention, and Will in Quantum Physics. (Heady stuff, but accessible.)


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There's a guy I know, you could call him an "old astrologer" type, whose emphasis is the Indian Vedic astrology. He has for years assiduously tracked these sorts of coincidences and sychronicities and is confident that he sees a correlation between the birth chart and the play of planets, placements, and angles per the Indian system. He sees the poignant moments of coincidence quite frequently, such that the basis for suspicion has given way to expectancy. He also interprets a thread of relevance for one's fated or intentioned spiritual evolution in all this.

a)The Jungian Theory of Syncronicity, is a clear demonstration that
everything in this Universe is predeterminated.The Heisenberg's
Indetermination Principle comes from the human ignorance
(we cannot see the reality in its totality)...so only an ignorant,can believe in Free Will.

b)Matter is a complex form of energy; Energy
is a complex form of Information; Information...is God's Thought.

The Universe is God...so we are parts of God.

c) Every kind of "human desire",is followed by a Chain of "Electron wave
functions collapses" (in agreement with Schrödinger's Theory) which will not
follow ours expectations! ...So the paradox is: if we want to get hold of
something,we shouldn’t have to search for it. (Men stay still,and the mountains move...).
A curiosity: The connection between the electron
wave-function and the human intent has to do with the fact that
experiments have proved that the intentions of the operator of a radio
transmission facility, directly and instrumentably alter the
"footprint", the radiation pattern of the antenna. It has also been
shown that the intent of the human being causes a divergence in
the quantum field (which is the information field).
Any divergence in the information field results in
alterations of "probability", which directly influences
the outcome of any system which contains any element
of chance, directly influencing the resulting observable
events. (See the work of Princeton Engineering Anomalies
Research at http://www.princeton.edu/~pear/).


"In agreement with Henri Bergson's thought (see the last pages of "Entre
le temps et l'éternité" of Ilya Prigogine ,Librairie Arthème Fayard,Paris),
we can accept the idea of a "Space-time absolute value", where
all the "Space-time relativ values" are incorporated (in agreement with Einstein’s
theory of relativity); the conclusion is that there is only one Real
Matrix of the Universe...so every other possible /potential parallel
"event/dimension/future" it's only a human illusion.

All the other parallel Universes (or Multi-Universes,as Phd. Everett said)
can only exist in our minds...perhaps whilst dreaming.

Unfortunately several physicists are conditioned by Heisenberg's Principle of
Indetermination...which, as you will know, is enough explain the
existence of Free Will.

Well, the Principle of Indetermination is hardly bound by the limits of
observations made by the human brain.

(We cannot see the reality in its totality...Bohm taught).

If we accept the idea that our Universe really is God,well,in a infinite
Caos of Energy too, there must to be a logical (but not for human
brain),exact,specific,and perfectly organized ...Plan.

How many significant (important) coincidences can happen to a person in his
life,living in a unorganizated and stupid Universe?...I think no-one.
Every synchronism in our life, is like an open-eyes-dream (Jung
taught)...and we can thank the fine intelligence of our Universe...if
they happen."

Fausto Intilla
(Inventor-scientific divulger)

Frantisek Smutny:

Tour from Prague to Ossuary in Sedlec, Kutna Hora:


I can really relate to your post, and, I don't know about you, but it seems to me like the more I pay attention to syncronicity, the more of it I become aware of until I start seeing connections with nearly everything going on in my life. Developing an understanding of these syncronistic experiences can be very helpful in idetifying constructive ways to move forward, especially after a period of feeling "stuck".

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