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Exercise, Bizarre Dreams & Advanced Web Construction

ArnoldRemarkable how much better I feel whenever I work-out. I even feel better about myself (psychologically).

Shirts fit more snugly (in chest & shoulders). Arms hang a bit heavier. Each step flows more easily, propelled by stronger legs ("wheels").

Been adding weight, too (muscle-weight, hopefully). Lost ~15 lbs following the back injury. Each time I've visited the gym, my weight has climbed (on their digital scale) » 188 » 189 » 190 » 191 » 192, & today » 193.

I like how, once I get in shape, and develop a routine, I develop a desire to work-out (instead of a dread). Getting to the gym is half the battle. Once you're there .. the hardest part is over.

The routine that works best for me » legs+abs on day-1, shoulders+arms on days 2, rest day-3, back+abs day-4, chest day-5, rest day-6, repeat cycle (2-on, 1-off). Each session begins with 10-min aerobic warm-up. (For which I prefer the recumbent bike.)

Sleeping better, too (zzzz). Still having bizarre dreams, tho .. such as the one where I was » flying around Laguna Beach on New Year's eve with the bug in a slow-moving, over-crowded commuter-jet piloted by Tom Hanks...

••• today's entry continues below •••

.. who almost crashed into several buildings, and spins around the plane (flying backwards, like in a car on ice). How's that for weird? Real vivid, too. How did Tom Hanks get into my dream?

The bug, by the way, is back East (with his mom) visiting family there. I was so upset following the last fiasco, that I wasn't gonna sign the paper to let her take him back this year. But that would only hurt him. (He should be returning any day now.)

Rad Geek News 

In geekier news, I just finished reading the latest chapter in my new Head First book (on XHTML/CSS) .. one which began with the statement » This is where you move up to the big leagues. It's true. This was the first chapter where I encountered mostly new material.

Can see now I've been doing things the hard way. Wish I woulda read this book sooner. Coulda saved me from a headache or two. I've always tried to focus on generating original quality content, spending little time as possible learning mark-up and style.

So I'm stoked to begin the next chapter (11), titled » Advanced Web Construction (about divs & spans). The next two chapters are the longest in the book. (Ch. 12 deals with » layout + positioning.) Cool stuff.

Chomping at the bit to put this new knowledge to use, but figure I should probably finish the book first. Once I get involved in a new project, it will be difficult to pull away and return. I've read that a characteristic of genius is » they tend to focus single-mindedly on one thing at a time .. until that task is accomplished.

I was also kicking around the idea (after I finish this book) of reading one on design (as suggested by a friend), such as » Principles of Beautiful Web Designreview). Never had much in the way of artistic skill. (Stick-people, for example, represent the limit of my drawing ability.) But they say you can *learn* this stuff. Guess we'll see.


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