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Goodbye Tears + The Bug Drinks from a Water Fountain

Played Rad-dad this weekend. This was the first time the Bug didn't want to go back to his mom. He actually cried (tears). That's never happened before.

Water fountain, Laguna BeachCan't think of a reason for the change. My rock-climbing buddy (Tom) said a similar thing happened right after his ex weaned his daughter.

"Come to think of it," I said, "the Bug hasn't mentioned the m-word since he returned from his trip back East (earlier this month)." So maybe that's what happened.

"If he's been weaned," he said, "that would explain things .. cuz it would put you on equal footing with his mom."

Haunting Images 

I know it's not a problem, and he'll be fine soon as I leave, but it really bothers me to see the Bug in distress. The sight of him holding out his arms, crying, "Dada," as I drove away .. ugh » it's haunting.

••• today's entry continues below •••

Makes my insides feel all twisted. The discomfort goes all the way down into my soul. I much rather preferred it when he was eager to see his mom.

Tom said his daughter grew out of it by age 5, when she became able to grasp the concept of time .. and knew she'd see him (again) in a day or two.

Doesn't bother me much when bad things happen to me .. but I just want the Bug's little 2-year-old life to be carefree as possible .. for as long as possible. I mean, it's already broken-up.

Too Cute for Words 

I know I'm heavily biased, but he's pretty dang cute. Wish I could post some photos (but I can't). His cutest feature (to me) is his voice. (Sounds like a chipmunk that swallowed a frog. Makes me melt.) I also love the way his hair smells, especially after a bath.

The most common comment I get from others is » his vocabulary .. which, from what I gather, is fairly extensive (for a 2-year-old). I spend much time telling him the names of things. He even knows a bunch of Spanish words (most of which he learned at a taco joint).

The Enchanted Water Fountain 

Here's a snapshot of something cute the Bug did this weekend. Last week, while he was taking a drink at a water fountain, I pushed the side of my face against his .. to (playfully) fight him for the stream of water. (Our faces got all wet.)

This week, at a different water fountain, he must've remembered that experience, cuz, after a quick sip, he said, "Dada, you drink." I said (having forgot), "Me? Oh, thanks bug." And when I did, he pushed his face against mine, fighting me for the water.

Then I remembered, and pushed back, which got him giggling. (We both got wet.)

Everybody can remember taking a sip of cool, refreshing water, as a child, from an enchanted (shiny) drinking fountain in a public park on a warm summer day.


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